About Us

Hidayat Jumani Welfare Trust is governed by Jumani Family. Hidayat Jumani Welfare Trust was established in 2009 under the Chairmanship of Mr. Muhammad Mubeen Jumani. Welfare projects undertaken by the trust are sponsored by the trustees only and there is no reliance on donations.

Hidayat Jumani Welfare Trust’s main focus is to direct its resources in the uplifting of poverty and improving the quality of living in the state of Sindh. Special funds have been dedicated to improve medical facilities, educational institutions, vocational training of the locals and other welfare projects that may improve the overall conditions of the ones who deserve these services.

Our Mission

Balancing profits with responsible corporate behavior.
Jumani Group aims to become an international brand where its economic and social role is knitted. While profits are inevitable, the group is also into improving the lifestyles of its workers and continually creates products with a positive social impact, eradicating the dichotomy between social responsibility and profit. As a major player in economic development in the region, Jumani Group is dedicated towards providing opportunities for employment, trade, commerce, shelter, and services.
Jumani Group believes that success means acting with the highest standards of corporate behavior towards its employees and consumers. Over the years, the company’s brand portfolio has evolved from focusing on global high-potential brands to a new phase of development through relentless expansions and business diversification.